Pep Guardiola Shares Insights on Napoli’s Exit from UEFA Champions League

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, recently shared his thoughts on Napoli’s recent exit from the UEFA Champions League following their loss to Milan at San Siro and a draw on their home ground. In an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” Guardiola observed that Napoli played an impressive game against Milan, and that it wasn’t surprising to see them exit the tournament. He further remarked that all the matches between Napoli and Milan this season have been challenging, with the outcome hinging on minor details.

Guardiola believes that Napoli’s exit from the tournament doesn’t reflect a poor season on their part, as he was impressed by their style of play and thinks that they will go on to win the Scudetto (Serie A title). He anticipates seeing what they will do in the Champions League next season.

The Spanish coach acknowledges that Napoli is ahead of Milan in the Italian league, but he cautions against assuming that it will be the same in the Champions League. Guardiola notes that Milan has transformed their game in Europe and is a team comparable to Bayern Munich, a team he has faced and knows well. He further praised Milan’s rich history, and the impact it has on their strength as a team.

Guardiola concluded by acknowledging Milan’s prowess in their recent games against Napoli and reiterating that Napoli had a penalty kick in the first leg at San Siro, making it a tough game.

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