Xavi Welcomes Messi’s Return to Barcelona but Focuses on Current Season

Barcelona’s manager Xavi Hernandez has stated that the club would be happy to welcome Lionel Messi back if he decides to return to the La Liga side. Messi left Barcelona for Paris-Saint Germain on a two-year deal in 2021, and his contract is set to expire this summer.

Xavi admitted that the decision would depend on several factors, including the Financial Fair Play rules and Messi’s desire to return to the club.

However, Xavi also urged the media to focus on the current season and the team’s upcoming matches. He emphasized the importance of their next game against Real Madrid, which could put them 15 points ahead of their rivals. He also stressed the significance of the Copa del Rey and criticized the media for constantly speculating about potential new players for the next season instead of focusing on the team’s current achievements.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Messi’s future, Xavi remains optimistic and determined to lead Barcelona to success this season. He urged everyone to stay focused on the present and not to get sidetracked by speculation about future events.

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